What Caused TheWoodsOfJordan?

Why is YouTube User, TheWoodsOfJordan flip-flopping back and to from one ideology to another? Maybe the key is in a statement made by Richard Dawkins. He said, “Most scientist today subscribe to a mechanistic view of the mind. We are the way we are because our brains are wired up as they are; our hormones are the way they are. We’d be different–our character would be different–if our neuroanatomy and physiological chemistry were different.”

That means TheWoodsOfJordan acts and thinks the way he does because of the particular neuroanatomy and physiological chemistry of his brain. However, the brain is a dynamic system that is constantly being updated and influenced by sensory input and feedback. Therefore, two questions must be asked: 1. What caused The WoodsOfJordan? That is, what has caused the particular neuroanatomy and physiological chemistry of his brain to exist? 2. What sensory input and feedback has he personally been exposed to that might cause him to be flip-flopping back and to from one ideology to another?

Well, one fact can be positively stated: TheWoodsOfJordan did not consciously create his own brain. You see, in order for him to consciously create something, he must already have a brain. Therefore, the particular environmental influences acting upon gene function cause the specific neuroanatomy and physiological chemistry of his brain. Thus, that is what caused TheWoodsOfJordan. Then the feedback and sensory input acting upon the dynamics of the brain influenced the way it was wired.

Is it TheWoodsOfJordan fault for flip-flopping back and to from one ideology to another?

Well, the word fault has both physical and metaphysical meanings. Take for example the faults of Earth. (The San Andreas Fault is one of the most widely known here in the United States.) But the faults are not Earth’s fault, not in the “moral” sense of the term anyway. Likewise, it is The Woods of Jordan fault for flip-flopping back and to from one ideology to another. But the faults he has are not really the result of conscious effort on his part.

The metaphysical speculations and presumptions of religion contributed to our present confusion concerning the word “fault,” in case you are interested.

Now, will realizing these facts I’ve just stated help TheWoodsOfJordan overcome prejudices toward others who may believe or act differently than himself. Well theoretically it would. But as also pointed out by Richard Dawkins, “…scientists are inconsistent.” Here I must point out that most people refer to the inconsistencies of humans as hypocrisies. So TheWoodsOfJordan may still tend to be a hypocrite, even though he may learn the fact that the behaviors and beliefs of others (that he may look upon as faults) are not truly their fault.

Will TheWoodsOfJordan continue being a hypocrite after learning the facts I’ve presented? We’ll just have to wait and see. If he does, at least we will know the prejudice he feels is a fault that he did not consciously create for himself.

If you’d rather, you can watch the above video on YouTube by clicking HERE.

For more about TheWoodsOfJordan see:

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