Unseen strings are the causal forces the individual is usually wholly ignorant of. Historically the masses have been manipulated by unseen strings. The shaman was probably first to discover and use such factors. Organized religion learned from and applied techniques used by the shaman. Then secular groups, such as The State and Big Business, seized the unseen strings in order to manipulate the masses themselves.

Magic tricks are not effective just because the hand is quicker than the eye, but also because the human is easily befuddled and beguiled.

The will is analogous to the wind. The wind doesn’t literally exist as a independent thing. In fact, the wind is nothing more than moving air, which means the wind not only can never be free from the world of cause and effect, it can only exist as a result of causality (natural forces acting upon air). Thus it would be a contradiction of reality to say the wind is free. Now if we happen to label certain processes of the brain as the will, to turn around and say the will is free is as nonsensical as saying the wind is free.

The human brain is a very complex physical system that should be examined and explained using the scientific method, as is done when examining and explaining any other physical system. But what do shysters and idiots do? Immediately they try to insert hotly debated irrelevant issues into the discussion. I call it the befuddling bull shit strategy (BBS). It works in most cases but not against me. You see I’ve wised up to the BBS. Keep unnecessary complexity and disputed philosophical speculations out of discussions of physical systems, biological or otherwise.

About Me: I’m on old tired and retired multicraft millwright-machinist-welder, who loves reading science (mainly anthropology (I probably have the largest personal anthropology library in the city)). And whose hobbies are tinkering with electronics (mainly computers), amateur photography, and caring for my Chihuahuas companions. My crafts and hobbies required me to have a deterministic approach to understanding phenomena (there are no ghosts in machines). But it was only after I turned 40 that I started noticing how kids I grew up with turned out, and I started noticing how my own kids and kids of friends and family turned out; and the recognition, combined with my readings in anthropology, resulted in me realizing humans are not self-made but they are as sown seeds–the environment in which they happen to land ultimately determines their development, which includes every aspect of their brain. (Note: two individuals under the same roof do not have the same personal experiences (environmental influences) during their life under the same roof.) Free will is an idiotic term for trying to understand the development, functions, and processes of any physical system, including a dynamic biological system like the human brain.


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